About Mon Mode

You wouldn’t throw your jacket on the ground, so why
should your handbag be any different? Mon Mode is the
new, chic way to hang your handbag or tote while you’re
out living your life. French for “My Style,” Mon Mode
purse hook fits every fashionable woman’s look – be it
classic, boho, modern, or edgy. Inspired by glamorous
Cartier and Tiffany compacts from the art-deco era, Mon
Mode offers a chic range of colors and exotic skins
influenced by today’s hottest runway trends. Mon Mode
purse hook is an accessory all its own.

Founder Laurie Cohen using Mon Mode in
her Los Angeles Home.

Mon Mode was founded by Laurie Cohen, who conceived of the idea during one of
her many trips throughout London and Paris. An avid jewelry and antiques
collector, Laurie was fascinated by all of the women’s beautiful, art-deco compacts
that doubled as cigarette cases. She decided today’s modern woman needs more
duel-functioning objects of beauty that is also a reflection of personal style. Laurie’s
inspiration, combined with her growing frustration of having nowhere to hang her
designer handbags at work or out on the town, launched the concept of Mon
Mode, and this fashionable, functional accessory was born.

What is at first glimpse a beautiful, jeweled treasure becomes at once a mirrored
compact and handbag hook. Mon Mode is the everyday, must-have accessory for
the world’s most stylish women. With chic, monogramming options, it also makes
the perfect gift for any special occasion.